Econous is a London-based boutique energy advisory firm with branch offices in Athens, Istanbul, Larnaca and Bucharest. Econous specializes in renewable energy, clean technologies, energy management and energy trading, while offering a complete range of services for the industrial, public and commercial sectors. The company provides consulting services to clients aiming in optimizing carbon reduction strategies, implementing energy efficiency solutions, introducing sustainable energy projects and managing strategies for energy management products.

Econous also provides services in the development, design, construction, financing and operation of renewable and energy management projects. In addition to energy consulting we offer vendor/retail services to clients and renewable energy companies aiming to penetrate new markets and segments, placing products and services, while optimizing their business development strategies. Through a large business network, Econous has the ability to provide solutions with insight for minimal risk and the technical know-how to develop and maximize opportunities.

We welcome the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as an opportunity for innovation and sustainable development, and we offer a complete range of building-integrated renewable energy technologies and services. With its long-standing recognized expertise in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Management, the company aims to provide the highest quality of consultancy and technical services in the markets of South East Europe.